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Welcome to the 1st Great Amwell Scout Group website.

Great Amwell Scouts is located on the edge of Ware in Hertfordshire.  We are a really enthusiastic and active group with two Beaver Colonies, two Cub Packs and a Scout Troop .

We meet on different nights through the week during school terms times at our HQ on London Road and form part of the nine groups that make up Ware and District Scouts.

Beavers (6 to 8 years)

Bears Colony:  Tuesday 17:30 to 18:45

Wolves Colony: Wednesday 17:30 to 18:45

Cubs (8 to 10½)

Leopards Pack: Tuesday 19:15 to 20:30

Otters Pack: Thursday 19:00 to 20:15

Scouts (10½ - 14 years)

Friday 19:30 to 21:30


To join our waiting list please follow the "Join us..." link on the right >


Please note: our Hall is unavailable for Private Bookings at this time. We are fortunate to have most of our available timeslots booked with regular clubs and other Youth Organisations; all other slots are used for Scouting and Guide events or to conduct routine maintenance. Thank you for your interest in our Hall.


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A Million Hands for Mudlarks

Great Amwell Scouts have been working with Mudlarks, a Hertford-based charity that helps adults with learning difficulties and mental health issues, as part of the Million Hands Challenge. “A Million Hands” is the community-based campaign launched by the Scout Association to mobilise half a million young people to support social issues across the UK. As part of this challenge, the Great Amwell Scouts learnt about issues including mental health and well-being, dementia and disability. The Scouts reflected on the impact these issues have on people’s lives and what they can do to help.

Scouts completing their Community Impact Badge did 4 to 24 hours of charity work each, helping at various Mudlarks fund-raising events. Tasks included serving refreshments during a theatre production of “Canary Girls”, a saxophone sextet garden recital and the inaugural river swim at Hartham Common. They also helped to tidy the Mudlarks allotments, ran fun stalls at the Open Day and worked at the Mudlarks café in central Hertford.


Graham Paul (Assistant Scout Leader) said “working with Mudlarks has provided our Scouts a wonderful opportunity to learn about the diversity of mental health issues and disabilities, to meet and help affected people, and to learn new life skills”. Kevin Coghlan (café manager) said “Mudlarks would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the help you and your team of Scouts provided over the last few months; you have helped enormously”. Lucy Hunter (Mudlarks) also thanked the Great Amwell Scouts, adding “the Scouts have been superstars”.


From left: Graham (Assistant Scout Leader), Miles, Robert, Oliver, Henry, Erin, Molly, Isabel, Madeline and Vic (Mudlarks Project Leader).

The quotes below from our Scouts illustrate their reflections and achievements following completion of the charity work.


Erin is now considering a future in social work: "I have learned that people with a mental illness can behave unexpectedly [and they] do not always realise what they are doing. I didn't realise how many different ways [there were] to raise money. Knowing I helped to change people's lives is a great privilege."


mh-milesMiles: "I learnt that there is a large variety of mental illness and disability but that life can be restricted greatly by them, meaning that help is very useful for those affected. It [the volunteer work] made things easier and alleviated stress for Mudlarks [helpers and staff]. I learnt a few things about working as well as how some people are in need and can be affected differently."


mh-lloyd Lloyd: learnt "even if people have a disability or mental health [issue], there are places where they can do worthwhile activities and feel safe. I enjoyed seeing the happy customers and their surprise when they saw Scouts were helping. I gained patience towards when I order a meal since I now see the time and effort put in but overall I felt pleased to be supporting a charity which helps people in need."

mh-oliverOliver: learnt "It is hard for people to talk about it [mental health] because they are upset. If you have a disability, there is always something to achieve." Oliver enjoyed "helping people" and "supported them by raising money and allowing people to connect with the charity and each other".

mh-isabel Isabel: learnt "things that we take for granted can be a struggle for people with mental problems. I enjoyed the work experience of the café and the Six-on-Sax garden party; it gave me an idea of what it's like to work in a place like that. When I worked at the Mudlarks café, it showed people that having a disability can't stop them from having a normal life."

mh-mollyMolly: "I learnt that mental health affects a lot more people than I thought. I enjoyed knowing I was helping people, especially when we helped at the café [serving free samples to passersby] and they told us how much more money they made than usual. I learnt that you can really help people by giving up just a small amount of your time."

mh-robertRobert: "I have learnt that if you are mentally disabled you need extra help and if you are disabled you might look different or act different. I enjoyed making people smile and I gained the skill to be nicer to disabled [people] as I understand that everyone is different."

mh-henryHenry: "I learnt that you must be aware of people with mental health issues and it must be very hard for them. I did some stalls at their festival [allotment open day]. This helped by giving them an enjoyable time and earning money for Mudlarks."


mh-madellineMadeline: learnt "they are normal but need to be understood. I helped at the café in Hertford. I served people and cleaned up afterwards. [I will] try and introduce my school to Mudlarks."


thomas3Thomas: “learned the struggle people have to battle against in order to live. I plan later on to have an average life but if I see someone hurt or suffering I’ll always try to help them. I participated in the Allotments Open Day [helping to run a stall] and raised money by packing peoples bags in Tesco’s; the whole group [cubs] ended up raising around £240.  I enjoyed the bag packing because it was nice to see who [customers] was really appreciative.”


charlotte3Charlotte: “realised that people with mental health problems or a disability are still no different to everyone else and you should treat them with respect. I enjoyed helping in Santa’s grotto the most; it was nice to be able to meet all the children and everyone in the Mudlarks Community.”


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img 3299a

The 20th to 22nd May 2016 saw a hive of activity at Group HQ with the Group Scout Camp following on from our AGM.  This Year the Theme for camp was Space.  The Cub Leaders engaged in a Star Wars Themed battle on their respective bases, with the Leopards joining the Dark Side, enticing the youngsters with the promise of cookies and then launching them firmly into space on an inflatable spaceship... well Ok, they launched them down a water slide not into space!  The Otter Jedis battled with the disturbance in the Force by recruiting everyone into the Jedi order and arming them all with lightsabres, having combat balance training on a slippery pole and then battling Deathstar pinatas.  R2D2 was taken hostage by the Darkside Leopards, but the Jedi Otters tried several rescue attempts, revenge for which saw a demise of the poor Wookie!  In between battles the kids were also entertained making and launching Bottle Rockets at the Scout Leader base, or designing their own space-themed solar system glow in the dark bags on the Beaver Leader base. 

We were very fortunate this year to also have a base run by a Team from Bayfordbury Observatory, University of Hertfordshire.  There were several interesting displays to explain how different colours seen in telescopes can tell us about the elements on other planets.  There was also a fantastic mobile planetarium, which the kids really loved.  We are very grateful to the Team from Bayfordbury for giving their time to us for free.

The rain mostly held off and the Cubs got to enjoy our new 6 man tents for the first time.  This year the Beavers stayed overnight too, enjoying a sleepover in pop-up tents within the hall. 



AGM reports summary:

Group Membership stands at 120 members and the Group is thriving financially due to regular booking contracts with our HQ, fundraising efforts and a strong Leadership team.


Beavers - Both Beaver sections joined several Annual District and Group Events, including the Ware Carnival, District Beaver sleepover, Activity Days, Easter Egg hunt, Tug-of-War, Christmas Carol Service, St George's Day Parade and the Remembrance Service. They all loved our joint weekend camping event, WaGAwood, which is run as a joint event with 3rd Ware at Thriftwood Scout Activity Centre, something they always want to do again.

Bears Beavers - 4 Leaders; Owl (Allison), Snail (Andy), Fox (Eve) and Mole (Mark) and 3 Young Leaders (Stick Insect, Bat and Otter) leading a full compliment of 24 Beavers.  New start and end of meeting ceremonies and a 'Beaver of the Month' scheme have seen the kids thrive with more enthusiasm.  The section has been busy enjoying a wide range of outdoor activities that our HQ location is perfect for.  As a special start of Summer Term treat, the Bears went to the Low Ropes and Zip Line course at Westmill farm.

Wolves Beavers - 2 Leaders; Ratti (Wendy), Vole (Lynn) and 3 Young Leaders (Fox, Cheetah and Chipmunk).  Cheetah (Oli) celebrated his 18th birthday this year and has agreed to stay on to help as a Section Assistant.  We also thank the Parent helpers who step up to help when we need extra adult support.  The Wolves have enjoyed a variety of activities including a trip to Rye Meads RSPB Nature Reserve and a visit from Guide Dogs.  We recieved a Gold Award for our entry in the Ware in Bloom Incredible Edible Challenge.


Cubs - Cubs also took part in several District Events, including Ware Carnival, Go Karts, Fun run, JOTI (Internet Jamboree), Swimming gala, The Wild Goose competition, Night Hike, Founders Day event and the highly competitive Oxley Shield Challenge. 

Otters Cub Pack:  5 Leaders; Shere Khan (Colin), Mowgli (Rob, the new Akela for the section), Rama (Vince), Raksha (Mandy) and Hathi (Rob) plus 2 Young Leaders.  The Otters were responsible for HQ needing a new Trophy cabinet with winning the Go Karting, the Fun Run and the top prize of the Oxley Shield.  Their Leaders also led and orgainsed the Carnival entry which resulted in Best Youth Entry and Best Overall.  They have also engaged in a number of traditional scouting activities, including a summer camp at HQ as well as visits to Bayfordbury Obervatory and Hertford Fire Station.

Leopards Cub Pack: 5 Leaders; Akela (Michelle), Ferao (John), Mang (Austin), Chil (Keith) and Shada (Pearl) plus 3 Young Leaders.  The Leopards have also enjoyed a wide range of activities including an up close night with some Birds of Prey, shelter making and a Police Visit.  The Leopards are also engaged with the Million Hands project which aims to unite scouting members into helping with other community projects, Leopards are focussing on Disability issues.


Scouts - 8 Leaders; Richard, Pete, Anthony, Neil, Stuart, Phil, Fraser and Graham.  With upto 45 Scouts the activities are often spread out over several weeks with the Group being broken down into smaller numbers for each activity.  The group enjoy many traditional Scouting activities involving Fires, walks and wood.  They have learnt survival skills including skinning rabbits, first aid and orienteering.  They enjoyed Night Hikes, a Cycle ride, Map work, Pioneering and fire making as well as joining in with the Million Hands project focussing on Disabilities.  They entered District competitions of the Raft Race, Green Beret Challenge, Swimming Gala, District Bowls (winning the 1st Place Trophy), District Cooking Competition and the Light Weight Hike. 


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Congratulations to the Otters Team for winning the 2015 Oxley Shield Challenge!


      oxley2015         oxley2015b


The Cubs Oxley Shield Trophy was presented to the District in 1929 by Commander Oxley of Wareside to be used in an Annual Challenge.  Originally, the Challenge took place as just a 1-day event, but in more recent years has incorporated an overnight camping element.  Each section within the District enter a team of 6 cubs comprising of 2 Cubs from each age group (i.e. 8, 9 and 10 year olds).  The teams perform a series of Scouting related tasks throughout the day and earn points for their knowledge and skills as well as for general behaviour and teamwork.  It is a very difficult challenge to win; this is the first time in 10 years since the Trophy has come back to Great Amwell!

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