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Another Great Amwell success with our brilliant entry getting "Most Original Entry" and "Best Overall" for the 3rd Year running! 


Well done to all Beavers, Cubs and Various older Helpers in our Squad of Mini Batman's, Classic Batman & Robin and the Gotham City Police Department for keeping that pesky Joker locked up in Jail where he belongs!  Those lazy Police kept stopping for a rest which allowed the Joker time to escape from the Jail Transport Cart.  But there was nothing to fear as the ever-prepared mini Batman Squad swiftly alerted Batman & Robin to the problem with their 60 whistles!  Batman & Robin set chase and soon had the Joker locked up again!  If you were stood next to us when the Joker escaped, then sorry for making you deaf with all those whistles! 

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This was just the start of the fun for the Cubs, who then went on to spend the night camping and doing various Oxley-shield-type activites over at our HQ.  Should be some sound sleepers come sunday night, as I have heard from a good source that some of the cubs were chatting until 2am! 

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