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A new year begins.  We welcome our new members to the group - we have over a dozen new Beavers in recent months.  Seeing the new little faces in comparison with the ones who are ready for the move to Cubs makes me realise just how much they have grown in their 2 years, both in stature and confidence.   Sadly we say goodbye to one of our Bears Leaders, Sam aka Badger has an exciting new job which means she no longer has the time to help in her role as Assistant Beaver Scout Leader.

The Autumn term was packed with great activities across all our sections:

Our Beavers had fun at our annual family WaGAwood camp at the Thriftwood activity centre in Brentwood; a joint weekend camp with 3rd Ware Beavers with a great range of fun activites providing our parents with some much welcomed quality time with their Beaver.  The Beavers were also busy with a range of other activites including hikes and games, a visit to Scotts Grotto, ropemaking and paracord sessions, campfires, a phototrail and the usual Scouting basics.  The Wolves hosted a fundraising Cafe for family and friends and raised a whopping £142.35 for Children in Need.  The Christmas lead-up saw fun with parties, making Christmas decorations for the tree display in Leeside Church on Dickensian Evening and the District Christmas Carol Service at Christchurch.  

The Cubs enjoyed activiies ranging from climbing wall sessions, the Joti internet Jamboree, pioneering, bush trails and skinning rabbits, a trip to a WWII bunker or to the observatory at Haileybury.  Around remembrance day, some of the Cubs met a veteran called "Buster" - his story had them all captivated.  Halloween saw a night hike and sleepover at HQ, with spooky games muddy boots and mucky faces it looked like lots of fun. The Cubs joined the Beavers with the Christmas Carols at Christchurch and making Christmas decorations for Dickensian evening - their display looked brilliant.  They also enjoyed an evening of Carols around the campfire.  

Scouts also had a session at a Climbing wall and enjoyed a range of Scouting basics from pulling a car to orienteering, night hikes and pioneering.  Their preparations set them in good stead for the Hertfordshire Scouts Green Beret challenge at Phasels Wood activity centre.  They ended the Term with an Ice Skating session at Van Hages.

The year's activities have already got off to a great start, Burn's night almost took on a new meaning for the Cubs who sampled some Haggis and Tattie Scones last week... the doors and windows were all wide open to prevent the smoke from the frying pans triggering an inpromtu visit from the fire birgade!

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