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sleepover2015 012 Beavers from the Wolves colony joined in with around 50 other Beavers at the Annual District Beaver Sleepover event.  The event is only open to our 7+ year old members and so the Beavers tend to only get the chance to attend once during their time as a Beaver.   This year's theme was "Medieval" and throughout the course of the evening they made shields, helmets, tabbards and prepared items from which a castle and moat grew overnight.  They also iced some shield shaped biscuits which they got to eat with their hot chocolate as a snack before bedtime.

After the fun, they settled down in their sleeping bags and watched some short stories before lights out at around 11:30pm.  Most began to settle around midnight but there were some inevitable sugar highs, toilet trips and ones who just took longer to wind down.   Between 6:00 and 6:30am they began to stir.  They enjoyed a hearty breakfast of fruit juice, cereals, crumpets, toast and jam/honey. They had all learnt a song too for which they took to the stage on Saturday morning to entertain their Parents prior to heading home.  Their bleary-eyed smiles showed that they had all enjoyed their mini-adventure away from home, for many it was their first night alone away from their families.  Some of the Leaders stayed up all night while others grabbed a few hours of napping... I know I wasn't the only one who slept on Saturday daytime to recover!