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Congratulations to the Otters for their Trophy from the District Go-Karts Racing at GSK on 10th May. 


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A busy weekend for the Group at the end of April.  The AGM was well attended and after the formalities of Group reports and official election of committee members were completed, we moved onto more fun things.  Wolves Beavers gave a great performance of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" (well done for doing this without the Leaders having to prompt you all!); several Beavers were awarded their Chief Scout's Bronze Award by the District Beaver Commisioner, Badger; A new Wolves Colony Assistant Beaver Scout Leader was invested by the District Commisioner and the GSL presented a member from each colony with the Vic Whichelow Award in recognition of them showing a good enthusiasm for scouting and the events on offer throughout the year.  Congratulations to all of them for doing so well.  Refreshments allowed a nice bit of socialising afterwards and the weather held off so the Scouts could continue with their regular session outside in our lovely grounds.


St George's day on Sunday marked the most important event in the Group's public calendar.  Everyone gathered at Christchurch to split into their different groups for a short ceremony in the Church or School Hall.  After that everyone re-grouped for a procession along the High Street led by the Marching Band.  The Group flags led each section and play an important role in this event.  A few words of praise and wisdom were said at the Priory before the announcement of who won this year's Peter Geer Award for best attendance at District Events... Well Done Stanstead Abbotts for the 3rd year running!

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This year, 8 Wolves and 6 Bears joined around 70 others at Ward Freman College in Buntingford for an exciting evening before all settling down for the night together in the hall. 

This year's activities focussed on the Circus and events began with a demononstration of various Circus skills from "Jammy" that had the kids laughing and set the theme.  Everyone then had a chance to have a go for themselves - including tightrope walking (don't worry it was only a foot off the ground, not in the rafters!), balance wheels, ribbon twirling, plate spinning, diablo and stilts.  Some of the Leaders had a go too, but the kids were the most skilled with some making it look easy while others just had a laugh trying.


There were also crafting sessions to make happy/sad clown face plate masks, mini bigtops, fun hats and decorate biscuits into clown faces - although the biscuit decorating became "who can cram the most topping for a late night sugar rush".



A snack of Hot Chocolate and Cake rounded events and much to their surprise they discovered it was 10pm already.  Once all the beds were laid out, teeth brushed and PJ's on, we settled them down to watch Wallace and Gromit.  Lights went out and eventually they began to settle.  Leaders crept about in the dark making sure they were covered and torches were out, at the same time trying to not trip over anyone or disturb them with torches.  One Beaver asked me what the time was, "Midnight!" was my response.  The Leaders settled outside the Hall, I'm a light sleeper and my Motherly instinct kicked off everytime I heard one come out of the Hall (the door creaked a little).  Mostly they were nipping to the toilet, some couldn't find their bed and one or two were feeling a bit tired and homesick. 

By 6am they were begining to stir and they had a rather rude wake-up at around 6:30 when one of the other leaders decided to just put the lights on.  I smiled to see one Beaver still soundly asleep in the middle of the room despite the lights and increasing commotion around him!  Dressed and packed up, they all then headed off for Breakfast of Juice, Cereals, Crumpets and Toast.  There was then time for a few Group games before Parents arrived to take them home.  Some will have earned their very first nights away badge and what an achievement for that to be away from Parents too... it was my first time too and despite the lack of sleep I'm now looking forward to doing it all again next year with the ones who were too young this time around!

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A cold, rainy Sunday in Mid October saw the Beaver colonies join in the activities at the Phasels Wood Activity Centre in Kings Langley.  This was no ordinary activity day, it was a celebration of Hertfordshire Scouting reaching a record membership level of almost 16,500.  Around 3,000 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Leaders and Helpers from across the county braved the weather and trudged their way through the mud to the various activity bases on offer; from Archery and Rifle Range to Human Table Football, Zipwire or Segway.  The cold and wet made the day seem more like a test of survival skills at times; poor Beavers with hands so cold and wet that even opening the wrappers on their lunches became a challenge!


The highlight of the day was an appearance from the main man himself, Chief Scout Bear Grylls.  His arrival via helicopter had to divert to "plan B" due to low cloud cover over the trees of Phasels Wood.   Everyone waited in front of a stage area and the Master of Ceremonies kept everyone entertained to fill the delay.  The excitement built and despite the weather causing his late arrival, all the Beavers seemed suitably awestruck when he finally appeared in a minibus.  He said a few well chosen words and praised everyone involved in the Scouting movement, including the Adult volunteers who often get over-looked.  To mark the special occasion, he signed a banner poster that all in attendance had also signed thoughout the day. Then he made his way through the crowd/crush, signing as many autographs as possible on route to the climbing wall, where he watched a few lucky Scouts.  The coulds had opened enough for his helicopter to land, which made for one of the next most exciting parts of the day for a small Beaver - seeing a helicopter up close and being blasted by the rush of air as it took off!  I told my small group to hold their hats and stood firmly behind them as we were positioned right behind the tail where they would get maximum blast. 

Thanks to all who took part, it's shame the weather turned into "Scouting Sunshine", it's certainly not something anyone will forget in a hurry!

There will hopefully be some of our own photographs uploaded to the Gallery in due course, in the meanwhile I did find some rather nice ones by someone whose camera was not so shy as mine in the rain

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The Beavers have coloured some Autumn Leaves which are brightening up the Noticeboard at Hertford Tescos.  The Community Champion at Tesco Hertford passed on this message of Thanks:

"I've put the leaves up on my noticeboard & they look great!!!!  A BIG THANKYOU to all the beavers who did them for me."


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